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No, there are no prerequisites.There is no obligation to own a business to open a virtual store.
The first opening of your virtual store is realized with a front name.
Your site will be opened with a name. You can register the name of your company from any domain name registration site You can easily change this name later from your virtual store admin panel.
No, you can use your site for 15 days free without any restrictions,you can post your site with your own domain, send and receive e-mail, advertise on the internet and you can make sales.
Domain names have been sold for years.Many domains have been taken .

You can querying the name of your company from domain name registration sites,If it is full you might consider taking it in different extensions or you can bring a prefix to the beginning-end.
You can evaluate options such as your,, Name sales sites are make registered the domain name with annual fees of around 15 USD.
3 ready-made themes and 16 color options for each theme comes with the software.
Apart from these themes there are themes that you can use by buying them at very low prices in the theme market.
You can change the themes yourself in your virtual store, or you can buy and use a paid theme.
Themes are prepared so that you can use them very easily.
No, marketplace integrations are integrated within your virtual store.
There is no need to negotiate with a different company and make a payment separately. If there is a marketplace integration in the JettyCart package you are using,you can use it at no additional cost.
You can make up to 9 months installments to banks in Turkey and you can receive payments from credit cards anywhere in the world..
You need to agree with a payment system for this. You can agree to payment systems within 1 day and start getting payments. The payment systems you can choose are iPara, Iyzico, Sipay and PAYTR.
The payment systems you prefer will tell you the cost information for each installment.
You can reflect or not reflect these costs to your customers . You can also do this from the admin panel of your virtual store.
Of course you can place an order with a credit card, money order, pay at the door or a payment method you can add. You can create a payment method called payment with a bill and receive order from the Admin panel.
The themes of your virtual store are prepared responsively. You can access your e-commerce site from the mobile phone or from the tablet.
Within T.C laws, you can sell all products that are allowed to sell on the internet.
You can easily setup your eCommerce site without any technical knowledge and you can easily configure without any support.
Your eCommerce site has a 256-bit SSL certificate. With this certificate customer credit card information is encrypted and sent to the bank and not registered by us.
You can get payment by credit card without any worries.
Yes, we have both telephone and written support services.