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  • stripe
  • Stripe is a safer payment method that allows you to make and receive online payments without sharing your credit card details with buyers or sellers. With Stripe you can pay in multiple currencies including Turkish Lira, US Dollar and Euro. Stripe can be used in 25 countries.
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  • ipara
  • IPara payment integration, which is the same group company as Multinet, provides alternative payment options for e-commerce sites that want to offer more services to their customers. With the integration initiated in one day, the virtual position of 7 banks can be set up and shooting up to 9 times is possible. With the Multinet Gift Card solution in the same group, an alternative sales channel opportunity is formed.
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  • iyzico
  • Offering an easy and secure payment management platform for e-commerce companies of various sizes serving different areas, you can apply for iZiCo online without paying a monthly or yearly fixed fee, without having to trade your documents and you can make monthly sales with different payment options , you can get payment from anywhere in the world.
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  • payu
  • With the integration of the PayUp payment system, which is part of the Naspers Group, we can have 7 banks in a virtual posada day without wasting time on weekly virtual pos approval, without having to resort to each bank individually, with installments up to 9 months at the appropriate commission rates. You will be able to transfer your bank accounts within an average of 3 days without having to wait for weeks to unblock the withdrawal amounts.
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